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Safety First Or Who Is Responsible?

Lets sort it out. There are a lot of scammers on the net. What is the solution? Actually you may relax and start search somewhere nearer to your house. No need to worry or doubt or being anxious.

Is this the decision you take?

Ok, then this article is not exactly of your highest interest.

Whether you finally decide to become online dating agency member and start search somewhere on the other side of the world. Lucky you are! Courage and patience be your guides…

You positively do not need any instructions and the heart will bring you to the door of your sweetheart that has been waiting for the whole life…”Picturesque view from out the window of your built-together home, kids, outrageous devotion and love, love, love together…

This could be true if you are sleeping. Now get up and face the reality. Dating online is just the same lottery as we have here in real life. Don’t be confused with the number of shining faces popping out of the screen while browsing profiles. This definitely means NOTHING. There is still no guarantee that you’ll be lucky enough to find your exact match. Judging the amount of people applying to dating services and club, I can swear that they believe that their chances rise up to the sky.

Getting down to earth I’m not that optimistic though I have to admit the chances slightly rise. Ok, whatever we should do if we can’t do anything about that, lets go on and date online!

Who we are, men involved into that desperate dating procedure? Mostly we are romantics and this gives us either chance to be distinctive from the rest men’s world. (Romantic men are mostly dinosaurs in real life) Or opens vulnerable sides that are easy to approach. We can remain innocent being scammed several times, take time to recover and step again fighting the fate.

Romantic origin and (should we have hidden that) the lust towards the long-legged, blue eyed, sincere, family oriented creatures gives a unique scamming opportunities. No need to investigate the essences and consequences.

Aiming to focus positive results of dating search, I’m sharing the following:

– Don’t expect anything from your partner and don’t try to frame her into a certain dream standards. Believe me that the real person you are going to meet at the destination airport is much more interesting than ever of your dreams.

– Be enthusiastic and extraordinary

– Don’t mix up true interest of a potential partner with the so-called “material benefits” – flowers, sweets, gifts. Inspire her with your personality, views, ideas. Don’t try to impress her and look better making her blind with the gifts. This could cause a great disappointment and lost of hope, nothing to say about expenses. Surely,
flowers are good for special events and occasions nothing to say that meanness is the worst men’s quality after the cowardice and stupidity.

– Doubt her, starting point is that you don’t know her and her expectations. She may force herself but life brings everything to initial places. Unless you want to discover true disappointment in her eyes when she meet you personally.

– Be careful with her feeling though don’t forget yours. Suspect her, but do that secretly – don’t show that you are jealous or suspicious. Give her time to show up. You’ll see what she wants and expects.

– Be demanding – this is ok if you’re focused positively.

– Don’t judge hastily – remember you’ve never seen her and you are separated by kilometers. Maybe she is tired, maybe she’s upset and doesn’t want to share that. Women are special creatures that we never understand. So, give her time – show how patient you can be at times!

– Don’t make pressure, or force her or ask where she’s been for the whole weekend when you tried to reach her

– just leave this as it is unless it happens regularly. So, she appreciates your self-confidence.

– Make investments into future relationships – evening/morning SMS are fine, shot calls for letting know that you think of her – great!

– Forget that you don’t want to talk much – reveal your colloquial talents. This is solely the pure source you can implement while dating online. Tell about your feelings, maybe plants for today’s evening, etc – just realize that she can’t feel that just looking into your eyes.

– If this is suspicious online, believe me – this is worth being suspicious. Don’t be blind. This will lead you to the deep disappointment. Leave the idea of justifying her deeds, words etc – leave that as it is and time will show. Don’t be active in revealing the truth otherwise you’ll be absorbed with destructive emotions. Just leave it to her actions.

– Use any net means to find out everything about the potential sweetheart. There are plenty of sources that provide qualified information about scammers etc. At last order address validation with flowers delivery. They will check whether she lives there or not. (But be informed that sometimes they tell that the delivery is done while it’s not. And there is no means to find out the truth. Both sides can lie, the delivery company that the address is valid and the lady can keep silent that she didn’t get any flowers just to hide her inner intentions to scam you. So, trust reliable companies who value their reputation and would better refund the money after the address validation instead of misinform you.)

To summarize everything said above, keep your eyes open, don’t mix up real interest with the intention of gain benefits from you, be suspicious all the time until you bring her on fiancee visa, be enthusiastic and interesting.

So you’ll enjoy your time online and remember this time when you are together with the “view from out of the window, kids, devotion and love, love, love together…